All about us


Welcome to the home of Nelson’s Treats.  Why not come inside to find out what we’re all about? 

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Nelson’s Treats was founded in 2018 by Tom, and simply came about from a desire to provide only the best quality, natural homemade treats to the real boss around here, Nelson! 

When we first welcomed Nelson into our family, we were shocked to see that the pet food market was saturated with low quality, additive laden treats and pet food.  We couldn't accept that this should be the norm and so set out to develop our range of tasty nutritious recipes for Nelson to enjoy; ensuring we only used human grade ingredients that we would be happy to eat ourselves. 

What started out as a hobby, baking treats for our close family and friends, has now grown into the Nelson’s Treats brand that you know and love today.  We still provide the same homemade, nutritious treats we made when it was family & friends, except now we get to share our passion with thousands of dogs and their parents each & every day.