Meet Nelson

It all started with Nelson and our wish for keeping him happy and healthy

Welcome to Nelson's Treats, as you can probably tell that little chap is Nelson #Therealboss. 

We started our journey in 2018, just a few months after we brought Nelson home for the first time.  He is the real reason we began baking our own treats.  When we started his training using traditional dog snacks and discovered the number of preservatives and sugar added to them, we began to research ingredients and properties we believed would be better for him.  We looked into possible flavours, to ensure a great taste whilst keeping them healthier for our precious Nelson.

That is how it all began, we started baking treats for family and friend’s dogs and they went down a treat!  Initially by sheer word of mouth the treats became very popular with more and more friends.  Quite often they would suggest we get them out there for more dogs.  

On the 26th of April, by popular demand, we setup our Instagram account and began to showcase our treats.  Since then our list of friends has grown as has our treat variety.   


Nelson always standing by to “approve” of each of the new products and flavours.



Nelson's Treats is fully licensed & registered feed hygiene regulations & trading standards REG:25/680/8127 ABP/PTF.



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