Deluxe Treat Box

Deluxe Treat Box

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Deluxe Treat Box

One off box

Indulge your pup in luxury with our Deluxe Treat Box. Limited edition treats await inside, offering an exclusive and one-of-a-kind experience. It's time to show your furry friend the true meaning of love with this deluxe treat box.

Each month you will get a full box of Nelson's Treats goodies delivered to your door! Our Deluxe box contains 8 items, from bagged treats, mini or large doughnuts, Iced treats & limited edition treats and products all from Nelson's Treats.

How it works?

  • Orders will need to be placed between 1st - 20th of each month.
  • Payment will be collected 1st of each month.
  • Boxes will then be shipped out LAST WORKING DAY OF THAT MONTH.
  • Each month you will get a selection of our most popular goodies shipped to your door.
  • FREE SHIPIN (uk) only with Royal Mail 48

E.G: Place your order any time between 1st - 20th of January (to be shipped last working day of that month 31st January) Boxes work a month in advance. Order in January for February's  themed box. 



Doughnuts: Gluten free plain flour, eggs, milk, peanut butter.(topped with coconut)

Peanut butter & Honey: Peanut butter, eggs, honey & wholemeal flour.

Peanut butter & Apple: Peanut butter, egg, apple & wholemeal flour

Cheese & Oats: Cheese, oats, eggs & gluten free oat flour.

Cheese & Cranberry: Cheese, oats, cranberry, eggs & gluten free oat flour

Inching - Yoghurt powder, maize flour & tapioca starch.

Please note if/when we do addd limited edition flavours all ingredients will be listed on the products.

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